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Guest Post: Jorge Alessandri

My friend, Jorge Alessandri is a sergeant with the Miami Beach Police Department and the Chapter President of the Fellowship of Christian Police Officer - Miami-Dade Chapter #231. After reading his email devotional that is sent to all of the FCPO members, I had to share this powerful message. I hope you read it and consider the spiritual depth of this thoughtful message.

- Eddie Rivero

Psalm 75:2 "When I select an appointed time, It is I who judge with equity."

Last week, as I was driving home from a doctor visit, I saw a young woman pushing a broken down car. I was able to move my vehicle behind hers and when I got out of my car, she walked up to me. I looked at her car and it was destroyed. The rear bumper was missing, the back window was blown out, the roof was caved in as if it had flipped over, the front window was damaged and the air bags had been deployed. As I began to speak to her, I heard a Fire Rescue truck's sirens close to us. I asked her if that was for her? She said,“ I hope not.” Just then, a Miami-Dade police unit arrived and soon after, another man pulled up. He said he was an off-duty officer and she needed to be arrested. He told how this woman had hit a pole, how it had fallen on her car, and how she fled the scene. She became infuriated at the off-duty officer, saying sarcastically: “Thank you for your service. Is there anything else you want to say? Don't you have something better to do?”

While the two officers were talking, I approached her and told her that I, too, was an off-duty officer, that I had seen she was in need of help and had stopped to help, even though my arm was in a sling from my shoulder surgery. Then I felt God telling me to tell her something…. I told her: "Do you know that God loves you?" When I said this, she began to cry. I told her: "You need to receive that. You are not a mistake. God does not make mistakes and He love you because you are His daughter. You are His princess." Tears flowed down her face. She put her hand out and I told her I would be praying for her. It occurred to me that in that moment, her broken car was a reflection of her broken self.

I am going to make some quick notes of all the things that had to happen so that God could place me at this exact place at the perfect moment.

  • I took the long way home because I needed to stop at Costco for gas and some items.

  • I waited in the car, catching up on emails, as it had begun to rain.

  • By the time I finished with Costco, I was starving, so I got a bite to eat.

  • On my way back to the car, I witness a man push his cart into the storage lane. He gets in his car and leaves, only his cart starts traveling backwards as if someone were pushing it. It then turned and began rolling forward, toward a car.

  • I thought I was being pranked, so I walked over to this cart and grabbed it before it hit the car. I then pushed it back into the storage area.

  • As I walked back to my car, I heard a woman call my name and it was one of our FCPO sisters.

  • I reached my car and went to leave, but a vehicle was blocking the way.

  • Finally, the man backed up into a spot and I left the Costco parking lot, only to get stuck in traffic on 137th ave and then see this young woman pushing the car.

Why is all of this so significant? If I would have left earlier or gone a different route, I would have missed this woman. If the man trying to back in his car would have taken a moment longer, I would have rolled onto the officer on the scene, checked on him then likely left. This moment was so perfectly timed. He perfectly orchestrated it so I could tell this young woman that she is loved by God!

If you ever feel drawn to tell someone something like this, don’t hesitate. I know it is hard, but it may change their entire life.

I hope all of you have a super blessed week!

God bless you always,



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