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RoundTable Coaching

The RoundTable™ methodology is very simple but highly effective. Every person understands the value of two-way communication. However, the most common form of training used is one-way communication where one person talks and everyone else listens. This may be a good way to convey information, but it is not effective for transformation.

RoundTables™ employ two-way communication in a structured environment. Ideas are not taught; they are facilitated. During a RoundTable™, a designated person leads, but all participants share from their own experience.  The result is that everyone grows together. RoundTables™ are effective because:

•          They are conducted in a small group setting consisting of four to ten people.

•          They usually take between thirty (four people) and sixty (ten people) minutes.

•          They give every participant a “voice” and the opportunity for a win.

•          They are designed to emphasize and promote personal and professional growth.

  • RoundTable™ Coaching Course is usually a once-a-week session lasting no less than 6 sessions and no more than 12 sessions


"The road to success is not meant to be traveled alone."


We offer RoundTable™ Coaching in two formats:  Virtual and In-Person.  Both of these formats will help you and your team gain clarity through a weekly process that includes interaction and accountability.:

Virtual RoundTable™ Coaching – The synergy of collaboration and growth along with the convenience of online learning.  Our Virtual Leadership RoundTable™ Coaching is both convenient and impactful. You will walk through our customized coaching content while enjoying virtual group sessions along the way.  As we work together as a coaching group, it is my highest objective to help you reach your purpose, vision, and goals by working through coaching content specific to your needs.


​In-Person RoundTable™ Coaching – The synergy of personal interaction and self-discovery conducted in a small group setting at your office or a hosted site.  We have seen time and time again that leaders grow better together. This exciting format brings together leaders for face-to-face interaction as we journey through coaching content specifically customized to your organization’s needs.  It is transformative, encouraging, and relational every step of the way.

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