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The Rule of +1

The Rule of +1 states: Any objective can be achieved significantly faster when existing effort is increased by +1. Here are five examples of how you can personally benefit from The Rule of +1:

Awaken +1 Hour Earlier

Gain two additional months of productivity! Start your day 1 additional hour earlier and over the next 365 days you'll add a little more than two full-time work months (365 hours divided by 40 hours per full-time work week = 9.125 weeks; or 2+ bonus working months) to your year!

Make +1 More Contact

Gain 336 more prospects! Generate 2 new contacts per day x 4 days per week = 8 new contacts per week; 32 new contacts per month, or 384 new contacts per year. Now apply The Rule of +1 and watch what happens: Generate 3 new contacts per day x 5 days per week = 15 new contacts per week; 60 new contacts per month, or 720 new contacts per year! Adding those additional 336 new contacts will almost double an entire year's activity!

Read +1 More Page

Gain the extra knowledge you need! Most leaders read at least 10 pages of a good book every day. Apply The Rule of +1 to that daily routine, by simply reading 1 more page each day, and see how the knowledge, insights, and wisdom gleaned by reading two more personal development books every year helps you more quickly achieve your dreams!

Gain the skills you need—faster! Awaken +1 Hour Earlier and invest that +1 time into your own personal development program. It's true... Most sales professionals master their prospecting, presenting, and duplicating skills by listening to 30 minutes of a training CD or MP3 every day. However, when you add The Rule of +1 to your daily routine and listen for 60 minutes, you gain an extra 182 hours of pure skills training!

Offer +1 More Product

Gain a BIGGER bonus check! Imagine if every order in your organization were to increase by $29, $49, or $99. Run the numbers and discover for yourself the awesome power of The Rule of +1.

Indeed, there are almost endless ways to personally benefit from applying The Rule of +1 in your business and in your life: Make +1 More Follow-Up Call. Return +1 More Email. Invite +1 More Guest. Show The Business +1 More Time. Encourage +1 More Person...

Apply The Rule of +1 and see for yourself how any objective can be achieved significantly faster when existing effort is increased by +1.

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