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Face Your Fears

I love baseball. One thing I find fascinating about a baseball player is that he will approach the batter’s box with his heart beating rapidly and he will do everything in his power to succeed. He faces his fear of a baseball coming at him close to 90 miles per hour. Yet, seven out of ten times, he will fail. If he can succeed in getting on base three out of ten times he is at bat, he will end up in the Hall of Fame. You see, people love and admire others who are willing to face their fears.

If you run from what terrifies you most, you are running in the wrong direction! If, however, you are willing to face whatever terrifies you and walk into it, rather than running from it, you will be a winner! There will be people cheering you on, just like we cheer on baseball players and other sports figures who struggle, fight and win.

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