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Paid In Full... with one glass of milk

This is a true story of a boy named Howard Kelly. He was born unprivileged hence, he would sell goods from one house to another just to earn a living and pay his education. One day he felt so hungry and decided to ask for something to eat at the next house he was set to visit. However, he lost his nerve to ask for a meal when a beautiful young girl opened the door for him.

Instead of asking for a meal, he just asked for a glass of water. But the young lady noticed that he looked hungry. So instead of water she brought him a large glass of milk. He slowly drank the milk and asked “How much do I need to pay”? The young lady replied, “You don’t have to pay me anything as mother taught us to never take any pay for an act of kindness”.

He thanked her with all his heart and walked away. However, that little act of kindness made a mark on his heart and made him feel stronger and better. He was ready to give up on his life before that happened but because someone had showed him kindness in a very unexpected way, he regained his trust in God and man. Then he grew up and became a successful doctor.

Years had pass and the young woman became seriously ill. The local doctors were baffled by her case so they sent her to the hospital in the big city. A specialist was requested to study her rare illness so they consulted Dr. Howard A. Kelly, a renowned Gynecologist who founded the Gynecologic Oncology division at Johns Hopkins University.

When Dr. Kelly heard the name of the town where the patient came from, an inexplicable light filled his eyes. He immediately went to see the patient and recognized her at one glance. Determined to save her, he went back to the consultation room and did his best to save the life of a woman who once made a difference in his life. After a long battle, he finally won and the young woman recovered from her illness.

Dr. Kelly requested the hospital administration to forward the final bill to him for approval. He looked at it and without any hesitation wrote something on the bill and had it sent to the woman’s room. The woman got the bill and was afraid to open it for she was so sure that the cost was high and would probably take all her life to pay for it. But when she finally opened it, something caught her eye. At the corner of the bill were hand written words she could hardly believe: “Paid in full with one glass of milk”.

Rev. Eduardo "Eddie" RIvero, BTh, MAML

President, The Rivero Group

Executive Director, Christian Chamber of Greater Miami

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