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Vision... Seeing More and Seeing Before Others

Earlier this year, automobile giant Ford Motor Company made the surprising announcement that they will no longer sell cars by the year 2022 with the exception of their iconic Mustang and their Focus crossover. Ford will instead, turn its focus on manufacturing sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks.

A car company not selling cars? How does that even work?

In recent years sedan sales have consistently slowed, causing profit numbers to decrease as well. Ford has a long history in the automobile industry, but what good is that history if they become obsolete by ignoring facts and figures?

With a legacy company like Ford, traditions can die-hard. It would be easy for them to ignore the numbers and rely on their name through tough times. But, when inevitable change is driving at you full speed, it’s better to be ahead of the curve than behind it.

Fortunately for Ford, they understand the necessity of leadershifts.

When leaders at Ford saw the inevitable approaching, they shifted their vision for the company to embrace a future that many cannot yet fathom. In Ford’s opinion, they can either be left in the dust or help shape the future of the automobile industry.

One of the qualities of good leadership is "seeing more and seeing before others." Leaders see the potential for the future clearer and sooner than the people they lead. They drive vision and action in today’s world.

Are you the leading force who drives vision and action in your life and business? Are you confident you can recognize the necessary shifts to make as leader?

Join me for one of my online training sessions and learn how to see more and before.

If you are waiting for an opportunity to become the leader who sees more, sees before, and masters the art of the shift, email me at to join me on an upcoming leadership coaching call.

Dr. Eddie Rivero

Certified Executive Coach, Leadership Trainer and Conference Speaker

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